Drop questionn

Can I officially drop miles sanders and Robby Anderson?

I just dropped Sanders. Just had to.

I dropped anderson and traded sanders

Tried to trade for two weeks, no takers.

I pulled the trigger about 2 weeks ago… I wasn’t able to get a taker for him, so instead I threw him in as a side piece to a bigger trade I was making for my team… Snuck sanders in and got back a depth piece off his bench in return which I felt was better than nothing

Same boat. Been holding Sanders but not looking like he is going to get more than a time share. Might drop for a bench stash like Pollard or Mattison or Lat Murray.

You can drop, but should definitely continue to pay attention should they show signs of life

His upcoming schedule does not look great either…

He’s droppable, not a must drop. The door is open for him to take over down the stretch but you can move on if you have to

Out of curiosity, do people feel the same way about Montgomery?

I’m still keep with him. I think they eventually work out how to get best from him