Drop remaining $17 faab for Tannehill?

Currently have baker and Kyler as my options. Do I need faab for potential next week or go all in?

1/2 Pt. PPR

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I can’t say if you’ll need the FAAB next week, but given the QBs you have I would go all-in on Tannehill (and $17 may not be enough depending on your opponents’ QB situations). My QB model projects each of them this way in Weeks 15 & 16:
Tannehill - QB2, QB5
Mayfield - QB6, QB31
Murray - QB9, QB13

That said, you could do OK playing Mayfield this week and Murray next week. But I would still want Tannehill if I could get him to make sure an opponent doesn’t beat me with him. It does depend on what your other needs are, though, and it’s a big week for the other positions, so it may not be an easy call. But Tannehill is definitely worth the $17 IMO given your current QBs.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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