Drop Rivers for Big Ben?

So I know Big Ben is a solid stream this week but would you drop Rivers for him? I was kinda hoping to not have to fight for qb streams this year and figured Rivers would be a good hold. I know if I drop him to waivers I’ll have to pay to get him back. Does Rivers have enough Rest of Season value for me to just hang on to him?

Rivers is a great play this week too. I wouldn’t drop him


I wouldn’t do that. Ben is terrible on the road, and can even be hit or miss at home at times.

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Thanks. This is where I was leaning. But i needed to check with the footclan

Sweets, thanks!

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Just curious… what size is the league 10? or 8?

It’s a 12 teamer

Having been a Big Ben owner in previous seasons, I completely agree that you keep Rivers.
Ben can win you some big games but there is too much downside when he’s on the road and loses those games too.