Drop Rivers for Goff ROS

Rivers bye week has put my roster in bind. Having limited roster bench spots and having Rivers, K. Allen on bye and an injured Jordan Reed. I must first decide if I should drop Rivers for a waiver add in Goff. Rivers would most likely be picked up if dropped. So Goff ROS? Any thoughts thanks.

you got nobody else you could drop that would be someone that will probably not get picked up right away instead of Rivers. I dont like having 2 QBs on my bench either but if that is your options I think Rivers gets you more pts per week than most of your RB’s and WRs

In a 16 team full ppr league I have a roster decision to make and I need some help. We play 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST each week with 4 bench spots (13 spots total)

Current Roster:
QB - Rivers
RB - Hunt, Gurley, Mixon, A. Morris & McFadden
WR - Evans, K. Allen & Devante Parker
TE - J. Reed & ASJ
K - Succop
DST - Arizon

With Rivers, K. Allen on bye and Reed doubtful to play this week I need a QB but have to drop a player from this group. Its pretty much down to drop Rivers, Reed or a Dallas RB to fill with an available QB (Goff, Flacco, Stanton, Cutler, or Brisset) Rivers will definitely be picked up off waivers if I drop him. I’ve thrown out many multi player trade proposals in a league that rarely trades and have been rejected on all. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m at 4-4 and hanging on to the #8 spot, last playoff seat at the table.

Im dropping one of the Dallas duos

I feel invested on the Dallas RB situation having picked up and held both Morris and McFadden for a couple weeks now and missing out on picking up Woodhead or Corey Davis who were on waivers before being picked up this week. Without any clarity on who will get Zeke’s touches I’m inclined to hold onto both. Rivers has been frustrating me all season is my reasoning to drop him and pick up Goff. Jordan Reed and his multitude of injuries has also been frustrating but I guess that’s what I signed up for when I drafted him.

yeh drop McFadden, Parker, or even ASJ over Rivers. I think Rivers will still produce better than any of the waiver OBs yall got. Unless you have been disappointed in Rivers all season and think Goff has more upside.

I need Parker and ASJ this week to fill starting roster spots. I see Goff in a balanced on the upswing offense just a step below Rivers.

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i honestly think Dallas is gonna run a 3 headed monster of morris McF and Smith at teams-

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Thanks for the help. I think I will drop McFadden and put in a FAAB bid for Goff this week.

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