Drop Robbie Anderson for

Full point PPR

Would you drop him for Shepard, Marv Jones , Deebo , Washington ?

Jones has been frustrating. Shepard could be safe if he gets/stays healthy. Deebo could be upside. Washington is interesting re: relationship with QB. Darnold is back week 5, right. Seems like any but Jones could be upside.

Thanks . I don;t need him right now but out of that group who would you grab and/or should I hang tight on Anderson.

I have Anderson over Jones long term, thinking that being the #1 guy eventually starts paying off. Unless someone happens to Golladay, Jones is likey to be inconsistent

BUT also considering dropping Anderson… Not a great match this week and then on bye so you could maybe drop and maybe not worry about him getting picked up right away

Would you drop for any of the above or not enough and hold tight.

Hmm all feel kinda like lateral moves unless you are looking to play the better matchup