Drop Robby Anderson for B Marshall or wait

Robby Anderson is a huge concern. Should I drop and move on B Marshall or wait it out another week to see if he got game scripted out given they had a huge lead

I wouldn’t drop Anderson for Marshall.

I would wait

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What about for Enunwa? I have too many shares of Robby (4 leagues 3x owned) so if i can buy out in one league at least it helps in-case he tanks.

What’s the scoring format? I think I like Enunwa more regardless but any kind of PPR would make it that much easier for me

it’s 1/2 pt. That’s what i’m thinking too. I would still keep robby in 2 leagues for now as well.

Enunwa looked great to me Monday night. The Lions D looked horrible but what I liked was that Darnold seemed to look Enunwa’s way first more often than not. Plus it’s not like this came out of nowhere, Enunwa was a top 24 WR in 2016

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Well Quincy was available in 1 of the 3 leagues so i made the move in that league. the other 2 i’ll still have robby in-case he steps it backup. The upside is the league i dropped him in I also have Shepard and Cole so right now this is really just a depth player anyway.