Drop Robby Anderson for Funchess or Watkins?

Hi there, looking to fill the void in my flex left by the injured Doug Baldwin. Someone cut Funchess on Monday to pick up Enunwa. What do you think about dropping Anderson for him? Watkins is also available. Just need someone to plug in until Baldwin comes back. Full PPR

My Team:

QB: Cam/ASmith
WR: AB, Julio, Baldwin, Robby
RB: Burkhead, Coleman, Duke Jr., Ingram, Breida
TE: Kittles

I’d pick up Funchess for sure with Olsen out.

Drop alex smith. don’t waste spots on rsotering 2QBs.

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Thanks man! Forgot to mention that our league is weird - we do +1 for completions and -1 for incompletions… so a game manager like Smith is sort of like the GOAT. If anything Cam would prob be the one to go as crazy as it sounds.

Oh that’s so silly. How do you account for throw aways which count as incompletions? Weird scoring to me but to each their own.

It’s crazy, but it’s what this league has been doing since 2000, lol. The commish did it originally to “make every play interesting” and we’ve sort of kept it that way for tradition’s sake. Throwaways and spike-downs are the worst! So basically good to roster that 2nd QB and play the matchups in our league.

Also we only have 5 bench spots, so it leaves a lot of good players on the wire.

Anyway, any thoughts on dropping Duke or Robby for Funchess, if you had to make that choice?

i would drop robby for funchess strictly because i think enunwa is the go to for the jets, and i think funchess target share goes way up without olsen.

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