Drop Robby Anderson for Quincy Enunwa?

Is this over-reaction Tuesday? or should I drop Robby Anderson for Quincy Enunwa?

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What’s the scoring format?

This is my question too! I have 3 shares of Robby anderson across 4 leagues and I really wanna buy out in at least 1 in case he’s not the answer. My league is 1/2 pt ppr btw.

Half point ppr

I’ll take Enunwa over Anderson

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For me, Enunwa is the more stable option where Robby should get a red zone target every week when they’re not pounding it up the middle.

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Update: I did drop Anderson for Enunwa in one league. I’m not bailing on Anderson in every league. I think he might be good but I had 3 shares of him out of 4 leagues so I needed to hedge my bets so I don’t tank every league.