Drop Robby Anderson for Sanu?

Sanu is on waivers and Robby is a huge question mark rn. Do I drop him to pick up Sanu (Full PPR)

I’m willing to hold Robby since it’s not like Darnold is out forever

Also, it’s Robbys Bye next week so maybe I could drop him this week and if I have remorse, pick him back up next week during his bye.

Do you need to start Sanu or is he just going to sit on your bench? If just your bench, keep Anderson

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I wouldn’t. Robby had one bad game against a tough defense and an okay game without his starting qb. Too little to make me cut him (and I do own him). Once darnold is back if he continues to underperform maybe, but it’s too soon to drop him for someone like sanu who you only start when you’re desperate