Drop Robby Anderson for Slayton?

half point, in the playoff hunt along with 9/12 teams.

Shepard seems likely to come back after the BYE but Engram does seem as likely.

No way he gets 14 targets again this season, but does he have more upside than Robby on a more consistent basis? not that robby has been consistently good.

or would you rather have Cobb?

sure, id take a shot on slayton over anderson and cobb

Between Robby Anderson, Randall Cobb, and Darius Slayton, I like Slayton’s schedule the most.
Week | Opponent | Rating
Week 11 | BYE | -
Week 12 | CHI | *
Week 13 | GB | ***
Week 14 | PHI | ****
Week 15 | MIA | *****
Week 16 | WAS | ****

Slayton could do well for your team throughout the playoffs so I’d go with him.

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love the breakdown and the input.

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