Drop Robby for David Montgomery?

My RBs are Chubb Hunt DJ Edmonds Fournette
WRs are Hopkins McLaurin Alshon Robby and Sanders

Montgomery is a landline IMO…nothing to see here folks

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What should I do with Robby? I was thinking maybe get Montgomery because he has a good schedule ROS and Nagy said he’s gonna be a calling plays and running the ball more

Nagy is a fantasy killer…stay away from Chi RBs. I’ve had a long history with them, J Howard, D Montgomery. You can not trust Nagy. I traded Montgomery a few weeks ago.


Would u give up David Johnson for Diggs? I already have Edmonds @southside_at

Diggs is very inconsistent. I don’t want to deal with that if I don’t have to

Would u do it for Chark? Or would u try getting Adams or Keenan Allen?

Chark seems to be legit

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Would u do DJ and Alshon Sanders or Robby for Adams?

What about adams+montgomery for Lindsey, Hyde and Chark?

no on DJ+alshson for adams. but yes for robby.

Trade away Robby or what do u mean

robby anderson for adams? yeah. take that. robby anderson for DJ chark, yeah take that. what is your exact trade suggestion?

That wasn’t the trade I was suggesting I was suggesting David Johnson for DJ Chark or Diggs if not those WRs I was thinking of going after a RB like Ingram Mack or Gurley