Drop Royce for Clement?

Guys… I have Smallwood, Royce, Collins, Breida, Saquon, and Powell. .5 PPR. 12 Man. 6 RB Limit.
I also have #1 wire pick up. Should I drop Royce and pick up Clement? Thanks!!!

Probably not. There’s a good chance eagles go out and acquire another RB (i.e. shady) and then you’re sitting there and stuck having burned your top waiver on a backup.

And you already have Smallwood. No point owning 2 pieces of that backfield. Just pick one and go with it.

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Yes, but wouldn’t that guarantee that I get a starting running back. A running back running behind the #1 O-line.

Their line hasn’t looked the same as last year. Carson has been sacked like 12 times since he came back.

But you can’t guarantee anything from Royce… especially with Lindsay in there.

Neither can you with Clement with Smallwood in there and them possibly trading for someone.

There is no guarantee. Let say you get Clement. Now you own smallwood and clement. How are you going to decide who plays on a week to week basis. Eagles are the one team that has consistently stuck to their RBBC with very little predictability. So in theory, you locked up a starting RB role between the 2 but you’re never starting both of them and if you pick the wrong guy in any given week, your SOL.

Guys like that aren’t worth burning the #1 waiver pick up on imo.

But on a more important note, you guys need to get with the times and use FAAB. Waiver priority is stupid.