Drop Royce Freeman for Darwin Thompson?

I lost Lamar Miller but think im pretty solid with running backs. With what the footballers have been talking about Darwin Thompson, i really want him. I was thinking of dropping Royce Freeman for him. What are your thoughts? They are in the same tier and so not sure if I should just chill and wait. Thoughts?

QB: Josh Allen
RB: James Conner
RB: Devanta Freeman
WR: Devante Adams
WR: Tyler Boyde
TE: Jack Doyle
FLEX: Tyler Lockett
K: M. Crosby

RB Aaron Jones
RB Royce Freeman
RB Darrell Henderson
WR Robby Anderson
WR Curtis Samuel
WR Dante Pettis

I’d drop Pettis for Darwin. You need that RB depth.