Drop Royce Freeman in order to stream Stafford over Brady this week

Hey, I am in a 10 man half PPR (QB 4pt) league. I have Brady starting currently and Royce Freeman on my bench.

Do you think it would be worth dropping him in order to stream Matt Stafford for this week’s match up. This is my first year ever playing fantasy and first post on here, so not sure about the post format yet! (maybe this is too specific?)

Below is what have currently, and sorry for the long post (if it needs taken down let me know)

QB Brady
RB Kerryon Johnson
RB Austin Eckler
WR JuJu Smith
WR Tyler Boyd
TE Greg Olsen
FLEX Todd Gurley
DEF Green Bay (that one sucked this week)

TE George Kittle
WR Alshon Jeffery
WR Allen Robinson
RB Royce Freeman
RB LeSean McCoy
WR Tyrell Williams
DEF Bills

No I wouldn’t drop Freeman. Roll with Brady or drop your 2nd defense

ah ok, thanks. I picked up GB DEF this week thinking it was a better bet than the bills against new england. (Blew up in my face lol)

I want to keep the bills around since their DEF is pretty decent and will drop Green Bay this week. I think I will just roll with brady I think then.

thank you!

Yeah I think I would just play Brady and drop GB defense next week.