Drop Royce freeman or dion Lewis

Trying to pick up Winston. Should I drop Royce or dion. Also I could drop rivers but don’t really want to. Trying to pick up Winston this week? Any thoughts would help even though both have been trash.

Royce or Dion are your only options? I’m assuming redraft. To me it’s Dion. Titans wont go completely away from Henry. I just like Royce’s upside too much, even with Lindsay doing his thing.

Yeah. Denever has better rushing offense and Royce has proven his ability on the field against stacked boxes. He is a Lindsay getting hurt or a coach waking up and phasing Booker out (this one prob won’t happen) away from being something in fantasy. Denver o line is 2nd best in the league at yards before contact and Freeman is 5th in the league in yards after contact.