Drop Rudolph for Njoku?

Ertz is my starter but I already have handcuffed my important RB’s so using the backup TE to block other teams from using them, my starters are set and I’m 7-3 in first place.

Do I roll with Rudolph who albeit hasn’t done great is at least consistent and involved in a good offense or drop him for Njoku and chase the schedule? Realistically unless Ertz goes down they’re on my bench and blocking another team from using one of them

Personally and as an Ertz owner and also locked for the playoffs (joint 1st 8-2) with starters and depth set i would use the slot for another player or for my platooning DST approach, i don’t think any DST is an every week start this year so I’ve got two and rotating others in from the wire so i use my spare slot for that for now.

If i had to choose though it’s Njoku for me, Rudolph is a TD or bust option and just not involved enough. i know Njoku has fallen off lately but he’s a better athlete and to me has a high ceiling week to week vs a guy like Rudolph. Also the schedule is decent for Njoku and with Mayfield and the offense improving in those matchups that allow a lot to the TE i have more faith that they will exploit it. But really with Ertz i’d just leave them out there and use that slot for something else - if you can and don’t have roster limits etc, if Ertz goes down and you don’t get Goedert as he’s fill in but with less potential the drop off will be so vast you’d need to stream options as neither of these are set it and forget it TEs.

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Appreciate that. I already have 2 D/ST, backup RB’s and backup WR’s. It’s an 8 team league so deeper rosters which is why I like keeping 2 TE for insurance. Plus no one worth a spot on my bench aside from these 2 because they’d never see my lineup too many people would need to get hurt before whoever I add gets in. Hedging my bets in the event Ertz goes down I do like Goddart but that’s a big risk I don’t know if I’m willing to take

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Ah okay 8 team yes that does make it a bit easier to plug and play guys from the wire and more choice. I am with you, handcuffing a TE is tricky but if you look at teams like Philly and Indy who use two TEs a lot and productively when Doyle was out for Indy Ebron exploded as the TE1 for the period Doyle was out and is still a serviceable TE1 week to week right now though he does need the TDs to be relevant. Not saying the same would happen to Goedert if Ertz went down but given how much Wentz like throwing to the TE and how key that role is in the offense i would be surprise to see him become an every week TE1 in that event. Not the same ceiling as Ertz perhaps but still.

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