Drop Russell Wilson?

I drafted wilson in 6th round, and then Mahomes as my last pick.
Have been riding the Mahomes party since week 1 with a 4-0-0 record.

Wilson doesn’t have any trade value in my league (rarely any trades are made in this league, and most teams already have a backup qb on their bench).

With bye weeks coming up and some interesting players to stash, I need to decide whether to drop Wilson or not.

Wilson is the only expendable player in my eyes.
Bears are on BYE this week (5)

Tight end: Streaming Njoku @ BAL (tough matchup), want to keep Burton rest of season.
DST: If I drop Bears this week, I’m probably not getting them back because of waiver priority. Which means I have to stream DST rest of season, why do that when the Bears are this good?

Option 1: Keep Wilson, play without either TE or DST this week and maybe take a loss. Streaming Panthers if needed.
But I’m not too scared of my opponent this week, here is the matchup (might even win without a full roster):

Option 2: Drop Wilson, pick up Panthers and have a good shot at 5th straight win.

Option 3: Drop Wilson, pick up a potential starting RB in Ronald Jones and stash him for later (I have Conner, and Bell is rumored to come back soon). This option also means playing without TE or DST this week.

Talked about wilson in another thread. Will just copy here for your viewing. Short answer, don’t drop wilson, i think he rebounds with upcoming schedule.

"The one point I will make about this is that seattle has been able to run the ball and can force it because the teams they have faced all have pretty crap offences but good defences which has kept the games relatively low scoring. Den/Dal/Bears all had pretty stellar defenses but bears/cowboys couldn’t put up points if their lives depended on it cause Trub and Dak both suck. This allowed seattle to run the ball and eat up clock. Same applies to Arizona, even though their D isn’t great, their O sucks even worse so seattle could still run the ball. But of the match-ups coming up, hawks are going to be facing teams that can absolutely light up the scoreboard, especially now that seattle lost Earl Thomas. Look at their upcoming schedule:

Rams x2, raiders, chargers, lions. All teams with pretty suspect pass defense and can load up a tonne of points. In order to keep up, seattle is going to have to pass a crapload. I think right now is a good buy low opportunity on Wilson. Lots of people are selling and I am more than happy to be buying. We know what Wilson is. He’s a stud and he just got back his favorite weapon.

If Baldwin is healthy, he does have legit upside. Like I said, i just hate old injury dudes. I don’t want to take the risk myself."

drop wilson and play at full force. Definitely don’t bother adding Jones dude lol – I’d say you’re pretty set with kamara gurley and conner (and bell)…

And no don’t drop the Bears. They will keep playing well as long as Mack never gets hurt. Nice team man

Yeah I hear you.
And I know Russell always plays better as the season progresses, and his playoff schedule has some nice matchups (MIN, @SF, KC).

But I still cant see me starting him over Mahomes on any given week…

I get the sense your waiver wire has some very formidable QB streaming options anyway, hopefully?

Yeah, I can probably find a viable option on waiver when mahomes is on bye

I’m not sure what’s on the waiver wire, but I’m pretty sure you could get more from trading him then dropping him for a waiver pick up. I’d try to see if someone would want to trade for him.

I wouldn’t suggest that. But in a single QB league, when you have 2 pretty decent QBs who you can start every week, I like to sell the higher valued asset just so I can get a better skilled player. Selling wilson now or dropping him, you’re going to get pennies on the dollar.

I’d rather sell Mahomes at the sky high prices (probably sell him now for like 2nd/3rd round value I bet) and get a really good WR/RB or package him and get an RB1 and WR1 and then roll with Wilson.