Drop Sanu and pick up Callaway or Pettis?

Thoughts? I have AB+Thielen+Reynolds as my starting 3 WRs, with Sanu as a back up…

Callaway is interesting over Sanu for me. Pettis has been good but their closing schedule is as bad as it gets so any 49er not named Kittle is borderline droppable in all but the deepest 14+ team leagues and dynasty/keeper formats after this week.

I just worry about Callaway’s floor…

True but to me they all have pretty low floors really, the ceiling is higher with Callaway so that’s why i leaned him over Sanu and Pettis. It’s not a wide margin but I’d split the difference with their potential upside.

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Would you play Callaway or Reynolds as your WR3?

Potentially Callaway, Carolina is near the bottom (30th I believe) in fantasy points to WRs over the last 6 weeks. They look it too watching them play D lately really fallen off a cliff perfomance wise.

Outside in the cold against a tough Bears D I wouldn’t expect Goff to set the world alight this week.

Not for the faint hearted but Callaway could be a decent play this week.