Drop Shady McCoy?

Hey FootClan,

I’m Fed up with Shady McCoy and I bet all of you are too. Every time he gets an opportunity he seems to blow it. Things finally seemed promising last week vs GB and then he fumbles, get benched, and Williams cleans up with the 1 yard TD. I’m sick of it. I want to drop him, but he keeps popping up in rankings as a top 30 weekly RB, which makes me hesitant. With options on the waiver wire (10 team league, 2 flex, .5ppr) like Miles Sanders, AP, Gore, Walton, Duke, Rex, Ty Johnson, Hines, etc., would you drop him for one of them? If so, which of those guys would you prioritize as pickups?

Thanks everyone.

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AP should be owned in all leagues. I could see rostering Sanders or Gore above Shady, although I probably wouldn’t. Prefer Shady to all the rest.

Shady should ride the pine on your bench until the volatility on that team has dissipated.