Drop Singletary for Tate

10 team standard.
My team is
Cook Carson Michel Montgomery Mattison Singletary
Keenan Kupp OBJ Green

With my current WR in a rut, or injured, maybe it’s a good idea to add some more WR depth. I can’t see myself playing singletary, particularly when I’m hoping Allen gets some rushing TDs.

I would do it just to keep Tate off of someone elses roster

I traded him away before he came back from suspension.
He was dropped by that team after the dud week, picked up by a different team and then dropped this last week for Derek Carr…
Time for him to come back to me

If only you could make the call next week because honestly Montgomery is closing in as last man in on my roster.

I just traded for Monty haha. Hoping Nagy’s comments actually means more touches.
If I dropped anyone else it would be Mattison but I know as soon as I do Cook goes down. I’m undefeated right now but thats on the back of Cook.