Drop Slayton for N. Harry or MVS? Full PPR

I feel like all three have potential. In part I’m hoping to acquire some trade capital because RB is a bigger problem for my team but I don’t want to go all in on any of the guys available in my league.

I dont think you should do this yet. Now that Saquan is gone, we are going to see if Daniel Jones is actually a quality QB, and his primary target seems to be D. Slayton.
Slayton is pretty hit or miss, but if he gets more consistent target numbers, he may be the WR1 on his team, and has top 24 potential.
N’Keal and MVS are definitely WR2 or WR3s on their teams, and neither are as talented as Slayton. If I had to pick one, I’d say go for N’keal, because he has a clearer path to being the team’s WR1 (Edelman is getting up there in age), but the Giants are going to have switch up the playbook now, which could (and should) benefit Slayton.

I appreciate the thought! I decided to hold onto him and this gives me some confidence in my rationale. Of course AJ Brown hit the waiver wire…toying with dropping Slayton to stash him, but I think you’re right, I want to see how things play out with the Giants.

My pleasure, but to be clear, AJ Brown should be picked up. While Slayton may have top 24 potential, AJ Brown also has this potential and maybe more.
If you have anyone else you can drop to pick up AJ Brown, I would do it. I wouldn’t want to drop Slayton yet for a “maybe” guy like Harry or MVS, but AJ is basically a sure thing when he’s healthy.
Because AJ is injured he carries a little risk, but unless you HAVE to start Slayton this week, if your ONLY choice is between the two, I would go AJ.

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QB - Josh Allen
RB - D. Henry, C. Edwards-Helaire, C. Carson, K. Hunt, J. Kelley
WR - T. McLaurin, R. Woods, Chark, Slayton
TE - Goedert, J. Smith

Does feel like I should pick up AJ Brown, but historically I can be a bit too waiver happy early the season, trying to temper that impulse, thoughts? much appreciated

Oh man, your team is stacked.
I guess I would say drop Jonnu Smith since his production will likely go down when AJ comes back, but that may be to your detriment this week…
The good news is, you’ll probably be fine no matter who you choose