Drop Slayton for

Standard League

Drop Slayton for any below? Thanks

Mike Williams
Alston Jeffrey

Alshon if you can live without a WR for the start of the season.

I like both Williams and Alshon.

12 Team Standard. WR below

Marv Jones

I’d prefer to keep Slayton, but if I had to replace him then I’d choose Williams over the others.

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Alot of comp with NYG so thought Williams and Alshon might be better as I might not need right away.

Any other thoughts. Thanks

I think Slayton has plenty of upside and could take a big leap this year, i’d hesitate dropping him.

If you really wanted one of those other guys, i’d go Williams. Alshon is never consistent even when healthy, and Mike Williams only has gotten better year after year

Slayton is one of 3 WR options on his team but maybe with Shepards injury history it might work out.

Do you have an IR Slot? Alshon is perfect for it if you do.

Unfortunately we do not.

I’d keep Slayton. Alshon I’m not even convinced will be back 100%. Mike Williams I don’t trust chargers to be able to support all its receivers every week. Perriman is interesting but I’d have him as a waiver target if he looks good early

Sheperd is the preferred target at the moment in NY, BUT, he has a history of concussions. One hit and everything could change for Slayton.

Thanks everyone !!

They’re all injured right now. Williams and Jeffrey will likely miss several weeks, so I wouldn’t. Roll with Slayton for 2 weeks and see if he can prove to be valuable, and if not then move on for someone else on waivers. All of those players will likely still be available after week 1 and probably after week 2

Sounds good. Thanks

I like Slayton much more than the others. I’m holding Slayton.

Slayton could have a good season even with the competition. If you want to drop I’d say either Williams or Alshon. Leaning alshon if you can offered to not have that wr spot for a few weeks