Drop Slayton or Robby for RB depth?

12 Team Standard
Damien Harris I can pick up free. Someone dropped Antonio Gibson and I can use my 2nd waiver priority to get him. Which is the better pickup? I’m leaning Harris. Who should I drop? Slayton, R Anderson?

My Team:
QB: Cam
RB: Jacobs, Drake, David Johnson, Mckinnon
WR: McLaurin, D Parker, R Anderson, N Harry, D Slayton, Deebo
TE: OJ Howard
K: Koo
DST: New England

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Def pickup Gibson. I’d drop Deebo based on your roster.

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Agreed with @fun4willis.

Gibson is a solid low RB2 with high RB2 upside, if Was starts involving him more in passing work.

Expectations were high on Deebo coming into the year, but it is unknown ‘when’, or even ‘if’, he comes back this year.

As it stands right now, keeping Deebo is hurting your team. Unless you have an IR spot to put him on, he is shouldn’t be on your roster.