Drop Smallwood to own the entire GB backfield this week?

12 team PPR I need a starting RB for this week with Foreman on a bye. I plan on starting Abdullah…my other RB’s are Ty Montgomery, Buck Allen, Aaron Jones and Wendell Smallwood…Jamaal Williams is on the wire.::would you drop Smallwood to grab Williams so I can be sure to have whoever the starter is in GB this week ?(Smallwood looks unlikely to play this week but could be good moving forward…)

Alternatively I could also try to wait until Sunday and grab Williams and drop Jones if ty mont is out but worried someone else will grab him in that situation…I hate having so many bench spots tied up on essentially one player but love the matchup this week against Dallas without lee…thoughts footclan? Think Williams will even outscore Jones if both play?

Personally I wouldn’t start any GB running back this weekend. It looks like Monty is going to give it a go and IMO Williams isn’t going to play. I can see it being an ugly rotation no matter how it pans out. Since it’s a PPR I’d be more confident rolling out Buck Allen but if Collins is on the waiver wire that’s who I’d snag instead.

Thanks man!! you really think Williams isn’t going to go even though he has been practicing in full?

Unfortunately Collins is already snagged. Only RB’s on the wire I would even remotely consider are Williams (if he plays), McKinnon (blech), Elijah McGuire, Corey Clement, Eddie Lacy, Gallman… It isn’t pretty…Would you consider any of them over Buck Allen? Gallman could be a sneaky play…The team I am playing against isn’t going to put up a ton of points (their team got devastated by injuries and byes and had Brady last night) so I am looking for more of a solid floor than a ton of upside…

Sooo…TMont is officially listed as doubtful and Williams has no injury designation and looks like he is going to play…so basically Buck Allen, Aaron Jones or drop smallwood or jones for Williams or one of the other backs I listed above…thoughts?

To be honest I’m not sure what to make of the Packers backfield right now. Williams initial designation was that he would be out for multiple weeks which is why I don’t believe he’ll play but who knows. I’d have the most confidence in Collins cuz his usage is trending up. Really up to you. If you have a gut feeling go with it otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself.

I would too with Collins but he’s not available lol…

My bad. I have more confidence in Allen but either of the Packer RB’s probably have more upside. Go with your gut!