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Drop Smith for Rivers?


About to make the playoff run and Rivers is on the wire. Should I drop Smith and burn my priority on Rivers? Cam is my other QB. Playoffs run Week 14-17. Thanks footclan!


I’m debating the same. My other QB is Goff. My only hesitance is the fact that Kelvin B went to out so i could stash him on IR and snag Baltimore DST without dropping detroit. Obviously if i go for Rivers i’d have to also drop Detroit.


I have Goff and Smith too and wondering if they’ll be enough. I’m 10-2 and have locked in the bye and first place, but not sure if those 2 guys will be enough to get it done. Case Keenum is available so I may take a flier on him.


I started 9-0 and i’m 9-3 (probably getting a bye because the person behind me just got their 4th loss). That said smith lost me 2 weeks so i’m done with him period.


I would take the Balt DST and drop Detroit for Rivers if I were you!! Playoffs are magical for Baltimore!


Im dropping smith until something changes in KC i dont want him


I would do that. I wish I had snagged Rivers a couple of weeks ago. Smith may have cost me the playoffs because of the last two poopers.


I’d rather have rivers ros…


Probably doing this same thing, I have Smith and Mariotta (lucky me right?!). Out of the two I am not sure which one I will drop by Rivers will be picked up for sure.