Drop Snell to P/U Hines?

.5ppr - I have Snell since I have Conner. Should I drop Snell in hopes I can pick him back up later in the season to pick up Hines

I have Djax and Howard I could consider dropping as Snell has too much value IF Conner goes down. Thoughts?

I’d wait out today’s game and if all seems well for Connor then I wouldn’t worry about holding his handcuff right now.

Think Howard is worth holding to see if this game was a flop for his carries?

Yea I still think Howard is worth holding, but he’s a reasonable drop too if you really want to hold onto Snell. It seems like Miami is going to use 3 RBs and won’t have too many goal line opportunities to pound it in with Howard. I would still drop Snell over him barring everything going smoothly tonight.

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