Drop someone for a TE? 2-1 Trade?

10 team Full PPR redraft

I traded Odell away last night for Juju and Sony Michel

Feeling kinda crappy about it tbh, but onward and upward. Team is 1-3 and I still need to create a roster spot to pick up a TE for this weekend. Thinking of more trades too – maybe offer Davante and Mike Williams for Michael Thomas? or something like that. Anyway, here’s the rest of my roster RN, let me know your thoughts, and who I should drop for a TE (either Seals-Jones or Goedert, I guess), if I can’t pull off a 2-1 trade.

QB: Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Breida
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju
TE: TBD this week(hoping to clear a roster spot and grab Njoku)
W/R/T: Ajayi
BN: Goff
BN: Burton (bye)
BN: Larry Fitz
BN: Josh Gordon
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Austin Ekeler
BN: Leonard Fournette

Honestly I think you should just drop Burton or fitz or try to trade them on name value. Who’s on your waivers?

For TEs? The best ones are crappy like RSJ or Goedert or Ben Watson. I wanted Njoku but he got taken today while I wwas trying to figure out how to create a roster spot.

Watson should be a fine play, otherwise look for teams rostering 2 TES

I like ur trade ideas and the trade u made…I don’t like the idea of dropping burton tho…