Drop someone for Which TE this week? Full PPR

Hey all, like the subject line says, looking to grab a TE for this week with Burton/Trey Boo Boo on a bye. Have been trying to send 2-1 trades but don’t think any are gonna pan out. So, for my PPR tight end I’m looking at these options:

Austin Hooper in that certain shootout
Ricky Seals Jones maybe building something with Rosen
Dallas Goedert just a talented player

My roster, currently (started Gordon and Michel last night):

QB: Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Breida
WR: Josh Gordon
WR: Juju
TE: TBD this week()
W/R/T: Davante Adams
BN: Goff
BN: Burton (bye)
BN: Larry Fitz
BN: Jay Ajayi
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Austin Ekeler
BN: Leonard Fournette

Who would you pick up? Who would you drop?

I’d pick up Hooper and drop Fitz probably, unless I was predicted to dominate the opponent.

I’d drop Ajayi and pickup Hooper

I appreciate the reply but no f*cking chance Ajayi is the guy I drop.

You do you. Guy is going to be a walking injury/roster clutter all season by my estimation.

Def wouldn’t drop Ajayi instead of Fitz, but I see the rationale and there’s a distinct chance you’re right about him. Don’t think that is worth the risk of him staying healthy and being on the SB defender though imo.

what was the purpose of this comment…

I think suggesting dropping a top 20 RB when looking at my roster and RB is clearly my weakest position is not productive, and I’m giving feedback on that. I’m looking for help but a comment like that is silly. If someone is asking who do I drop and I go in and say “drop Dalvin Cook” that is not productive.

understood. well yeah, id drop fitz if i really need the win and am not projected to blow out my opponent. otherwise, i’d really want to hold on to fitz for one more week and be willing to take a 0 to see what he does.

there’s no one else i’d be willing to drop either. not even close.

Not Ekeler? Kind of feel like he’s just a handcuff (albeit a very high end one) at this point – not getting super sustainable touches. Also feeling like Goff could be a drop as well – he’s a beast, obviously, but I have Mahomes and I actually grabbed Goff off free agency this week (right after waivers cleared) but no one else put a bid in for him. Theoretically, maybe I could drop him now (he wouldn’t clear until after the week) and then just grab him off free agency next week again for whoever I end up using as a backup TE? I don’t think I should take the zero – I’m 1-3 and projected to lose by 16 right now with no tight end, even after the solid start by Michel and Gordon.

yeah i’ve had these decisions all season so far as well, as i am 0-4 myself ha. so i think you should def not take a 0 at TE since you are 1-3, and i am decidedly for dropping fitz now actually. everyone else is either going to be able to play a role for you sometime or legitimate trade bait that can help you immediately. fitz just isn’t any of that for you. ekeler being a handcuff i think makes him less droppable than fitz, since he has done so well even as a handcuff player. if it was ekeler from last year, i’d say drop him. it’s def between fitz and ekeler but to me it’s an easy fitz decision. but i’d be nagging the gordon owner asap to get a trade going with ekeler.

Man, I’ve been trying. His bench is trash so no one is really worth trading for outside of maybe a Doug Baldwin type, but I don’t really need him with my WR depth on this roster. I wanted Dalvin from him and have offered, like, Ajayi, Ekeler, and Mike Williams for Dalvin and some backup that I’d drop. But no dice as of now.

gordon is gonna have at least some degree of an injury scare at some point. it’s almost guaranteed for how many TD looks he gets and the relatively skinny frame he has compared to linebackers twice his size driving their maximum force into him repeatedly at the goal line. i bet the other owner gets a little more motivation to do it at that point…

I like your sentiment there but that has got to be the first time I’ve ever heard Gordon referred to as having a skinny frame haha: https://clutchpoints.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/melvin-gordon.jpg

lol, relative to your average rb he looks lanky to me. however, i didn’t realize he’s 6’1’’. still 215 lbs is pretty thin for that height. crazy to think guys like CMC are out there at 185 lbs…and killing it.

Disregard my comments then. If Ajayi ends up a top 20 back this season I’d be astonished. However in hindsight i will say Fitz is probably a better drop. But it’s close IMO. Rosen may develop rapport with him over time and he has nowhere near the injury situation at Ajayi.