Drop Sony for D Henry who was dropped?

It’s a 10 team league. Full ppr. Should I drop Sony and pick up D Henry? I own D Cook and D Freeman. I do have Murray if Cook has hammy issues.

dunno how sony will pan out. I did drop someone to pick up D.henry too. He is sucking right now. Maybe it will workout in the near future for him

We like Michel’s usage in his first game. Loks as though he is heading for that Dion Lewis type role. We’d go Sony. With Marriota back, favors Lewis in that backfield.

All the experts saying buy buy buy on Sony now…

Don’t u dare drop Michel for Henry… Henry has a much tougher schedule and with Mariota out they will be playing from behind and utilizing Lewis.

Awesome guys. Thanks for the help. That’s what I thought but that dang Henry hype just gets in your head.