Drop Stafford for Big Ben or... Minshew?

I only keep one QB. Took Stafford late, but Ben seems to be back and I’ve lost a TON of players (CMC, Golliday, Bell, Crowder) so I need huge upside. Do I snag Big Ben with the next four weeks vs. HOU, Ten, Phi, Cle, or go for the HUGE upside play of Minshew vs. Mia, Cin, Hou, Det? (I’m only partially kidding here. I really need the upside.)

Holy shit. Tannehill is on waivers too! Min, Pit, Buf… eh, forget it…


Honestly, I’m gonna give stafford one more week. Golladay is back, and I think that’s going to be huge for him

I know you said you only keep 1 QB, but I would pick up Tannehill this week vs an extremely weak Min D. IMHO, Tannehill has earned a roster spot and even a starting spot until he proves he can’t be a starter, even with playing Pit and Buf. Both of those D’s did not play well against softer offenses this week. Pit gave up 21 pts to Denver and Denver still had a chance to win (26 to 21) even with Pit posting 7 sacks, 1 int, and a safety ; Buf gave up 28 pts to Mia and Mia only lost by 3 (31 to 28).

I would keep Stafford on your bench to see how well he does with Golladay back. Then move forward from there.

I currently am rostering Big Ben (drafted last round) and Gardner Minshew (WW-$4 today) and streaming Minshew this week. With only 5 bench spots I’m unsure what to do as well. However, while I decide or attempt find a trade I’m not picking up a K until later in the week. May drop Big Ben if it comes down to i. Bench has Scary Terry Diontae Johnson, , Jordan Ho,ward, Antonio Gibson, Mike Davis, Darrell Henderson.0.5 PPR. May drop Howard and roster both QBs for matchups too

IMHO, keeping Howard is a wated spot. He has put up abyssmal running numbers (8 rush 7 yds, wk 1; 5 rush 4 yds, wk 2). The only reason he even has points is from his 2 TDs (1 each game).

Howard is the literal definition of TD dependent to score points and needs to be dropped immediately.

Couldn’t we say something similar about the other QBs and Ben or Minshew? On-field scores against Jax and Hou have been 27, 33, 34 and 33.

True, they are all good pick ups and streamers.

Im in the same boat with Stafford as my starter and i’ve been looking at the wire this week to stream, and all of the above are my options as well and Im heavily leaning Minshew.