Drop Stafford or Josh Allen

Somehow Drew Brees was on waivers and i scooped him up this weekend. I needed a win and my opponent needed a QB, so now i have 3 QBs rostered.

Josh Allen has a better floor since he runs 7-13 times a game, but he’s not a 300yd game passer like Stafford.

During Brees’ bye, Allen has Washington and Stafford has Oakland. I think i like Stafford next week, since Oakland’s offense is decent Stafford might have to keep throwing all game - and based on this past week, Detroit looks like even more of a passing offense.


Everything you said is true. Allen is a much safer play as he runs a lot and is probably going to throw for 200-250 yards and score a TD or 2 each game.

Stafford has the high ceiling, might throw for 300+ and 3+ TD’s, but could also have a dud.

To me it depends on your team. If you think your team is better than the other team I play Allen, get the sure points.

If you are the underdog or have a lot of guys on byes like one of my teams did last week I go for the high ceiling guy.

Although I don’t really think you can go wrong here. Honestly if it’s a 12 team or more league I’d try to trade one of your 3 QB’s to a QB needy team.

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With Kerryon being injured the Lions are going to have to move to more of a passing game. For a 1 week start I say Stafford.

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The guy you played needs a QB so trade with him next week and get something out if it.

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