Drop Sterling Sheppard? 10 Team League

Should I drop sterling shepard?

I also own:

  • Hopkins
  • Evans
  • Gallup
  • Brandin Cooks

Feel like I could use the extra bench spot and not sure when sheppard will return and I’d probably never play him over any of those 4 barring injury.

What do you think?

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Depends on the waiver options, but Shep has shown well in the games he’s played, wouldn’t rush to drop him unless the add has close upside

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There’s guys like Robby Anderson and Desean Jackson on waivers. I was thinking of adding the Steelers D as a stash for next week because they play the dolphins.

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I’d drop him for Anderson

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Definitely @SchlaggedReceiver. If you’re wanting to get more value from that spot, think you’re lucky Anderson is there. Crowder is a safe PPR Pacman. But Robby is a homerun hitter. He can take the top off. Dudes a gazelle on the Serengeti. He’s kind of built like AJ Green though. I bet he breaks easy. But still a solid option on an emerging offense.

I hope I don’t jinx them. I’ve been down on the Jets for years. But there’s alot of potential there

I’m in a similar situation as you… I have:

  • Hopkins
  • Allen Robinson
  • Golden Tate
  • Christian Kirk
  • Jamison Crowder

Can I drop Sterling Shepherd?

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Just like @SchlaggedReceiver mentioned earlier, Sheppard’s pretty good. You hate to just drop him. But your receivers look pretty good. If you have to or need to Sheppard would have to be the one I guess. Hes still injured. You have a #1, #2’s/FLEX’s. That’s probably your top release option

Right now my main reason for holding him is that I want to see how the targets shape out between him and Tate once he’s back. I want to keep the better WR from the giants

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Yeah I can understand that. If you have the room, and you have a personal interest in seeing how it unfolds, keep him. But if the context is a need to make room, it’s his 2nd concussion in 4 weeks so it’s not even a guarantee next week for him.

But Shep has a sweet playoffs schedule with MIA followed by WSH

Yea I’m worried about the concussion issue for sure. That same playoff schedule would apply for Tate also :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Stos17 it’d again depend on who you’re dropping him for. But you have a lot of depth currently and he’s still worth a stash.

This here Giants fan has been uber skeptical of the pass game since the offseason when we essentially had three slot receivers. But Shurmer has been isolating Engram tight and out wide (the "Kelce role) and Shep has handled the outside well, leaving Tate to man slot. So excited to see them all on the field at once. They may yet all be valuable

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I agree of course. I was looking at it more from the perspective of “if I have to make a drop” then who would it be. I was trying to figure out which of my WR is most dispensable in this case and right now I think it’s shepherd.

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