Drop Stills for Ross?...WHIR

I have Kenny Stills as my last person on my bench, and have never liked him. He has failed me a few times.

Was looking to drop him and here is who is free:
John Ross
James Washington
Chris Godwin
Mike Williams

OJ Howard
Ricky Seals-Jones
(my TE is Ertz)
Who would yall pick?

I’d probably keep stills over all those guys in a redraft league.

Not sure why you are rostering so many TEs. If those are TEs on the waivers, and you have Ertz, then not sure why you’re interested in picking any of them up.

In terms of WRs on the wire, I rank as follows:

Godwin > Washington > Williams > Ross

only for backup on the TE I don’t have all of them that’s just who was on the wire.

Stills is the better keep.

Stills definitely

Wasting roster slot on a backup TE when you have one of the top TEs in the game is a losing move. Roster a RB/WR instead.