Drop Stills, Garcon or Funchess

Looking to drop one of the above to help with RB depth. Stills had a big wk 1 but Garcon and Funchess have been helped by injuries. I am extremely deep at WR ODB, TY and Diggs. Looking at the long game Stills has Jets(H) wk 9 and Funchess has Bucs(H) Wk 9 when both TY and ODB have byes. Would be hoping to pick up Yeldon or possibly Lindsay 2nd best.

I’d oersonally drop Garcon

Yeah I think so. When i am conceivably going to play garcon over the rest of them and he is just taking up bench space. Thanks.

Call me crazy but I REALLY like Stills this year. No way I drop him. Between Funchess and Garcon, I prefer Funchess. We saw Cam lean on him when Olsen went down last year and, notwithstanding the CMC effect, I expect the same moving forward.

Thanks again, mind made up.

Drop Garçon for sure. I’m not big on Funchess either. Stills on the other hand, I’d hang onto. He make actually have some value this year.