Drop Sutton for MVS?

I’m torn here. I feel like both are number two WRs on their offenses and both have over the top explosiveness. MVS obviously has the superior offense/QB advantage. But I also own AJones and concerned about Allison’s return for MVS.

Leaning towards holding Sutton for ROS.

Sutton, but Rodgers is digging MVS, so can change in coming weeks. Courtland might be a legit stud WR and we will know soon if QB is on board and has skills to make Courtland’s rise continue.

Yeah the less emotional answer is to hang tight with Sutton. But MVS isn’t going to last long on the WW and the decision to pass on him may be one regretted for long term. Thanks for input nevertheless

Last second bump for more thoughts.

Hold Sutton for sure IMO. Better long-term outlook ROS.