Drop T. Coleman or M. Mack for John Kelly?

I got Gurley in the draft. Been hearing lots and lots about this new kid, John Kelly as a Gurley hand-cuff. Of course we never want to think about our studs going down…BUT IT HAPPENS!!! So…here’s my quandry. Seriously considering trying to grab Kelly up now, just in case, before he becomes a HOT target. BUT…having a real problem trying to decide if I should go ahead and do it NOW so that I’ve got him secured. AND if I do…about the only ones I can even consider dropping for him are Coleman or Mack.

Should I just sit tight or go ahead and jump on it while I’ve still got the chance. And…for who??

Thanks y’all. Greatly appreciate any and all thoughts!!!

Sorry…10 team, full PPR.

That would be a terrible decision. No guarantee that Kelly is a workhorse even if Gurley went down, and no need to roster a handcuff in a 10 team league (unless the benches are super deep).

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Thanks for replying @Kaiser. Here’s what Fantasy Pros are saying about Kelly. And Mike from the Ballers, and Tags and Bobby from FP also said they would ALL spend 100% of their FAB on Kelly if Gurley went down. So…just trying to beat my league mates on the grab.

Los Angeles RamsJohn Kelly(RB)** Current ADP: 277 overall (RB77)
It blows my mind that nobody is drafting the running back who is the handcuff to the No. 1 running back in football. Fantasy points for running backs are often tied to their offense and the Rams have a great one. Kelly was one of the best pass-catching backs in the draft this year and can play on all three downs. Runner-up: Gerald Everett(TE)

I say Mack. He is coming out an injury and it looks like its a timeshare.

Mike has Coleman ranked as his 29th rb, Mack as his 41 and Kelly as his 75th. So despite the fact that, in the off chance Gurley got injured, Mike would go all in, he very strongly prefers holding your current runningbacks.

Speaking of Fantasypros, that compiles the rankings of over 100 fantasy analysts, including Tags and Sylvester, 100% would take Coleman over Kelly, and 100% would take Mack over Kelly. 100%.

@leechang55. Kinda what I’m wondering. And even if he’s able to come back decently, IDK, just not feeling a lot of confidence there. So…you’re thinking dropping him for Kelly is something to continue serious consideration to???

So…your plan is to drop a guy who is the odds on favourite to be the lead back in his offence, so that you can pick up a guy that we know 100% will not be the lead back unless there is an injury, and even then might not be?

I really don’t know what else to say.

Please don’t think I’m disputing you @Kaiser, cuz I appreciate your thoughts more than you know. I’m sure they are ALL ranking Mack and Coleman over Kelly NOW. My concern is, IF Gurley goes down…WHICH IS HIGHLY POSSIBLE, Kelly is gonna be a WW ON-FIRE GRAB, and my league-mates are like eagle-eyes in that scenario LOL. So…I reckon I’m just trying to beat the rush. I agree…for now…Coleman and Mack are definitely at least points makers. Only trying to potentially jump the “jump”.

There are a couple dozen players that, if a player ahead of them got injured, would be a “WW on-fire grab”. But those players, including Kelly, need a contingency to occur to be desirable at all. Either Mack or Coleman will be a “WW on-fire grab” the second you drop them.

Blockquote Either Mack or Coleman will be a “WW on-fire grab” the second you drop them.
LOL, well put @Kaiser. I reckon maybe I’m just a victim of “putting the cart before the horse” from being BURNT MAJOR from injuries the past couple of years, and trying to prepare myself early this year. Thanks a mil my friend. I appreciate the hell out of your feedback!!!

And yeah, I know I got this post all screwed up. Just been a long, exhausting week. Sorry. LOL

I got an idea. Why dont you trade Coleman and Mack for a better RB like Lynch. Then you can grab Kelly with the open spot?

LOL @leechang55. Good thought…IF LYNCH was available. Ok y’all, I think I get your point. Thanks bunches. Think I’m just gonna sit tight and hope like hell Gurley makes it all year.

I do not think you will have to worry about Gurley getting hurt and I do not like starting the year with a pure handcuff. Kelly is just that at the moment. He has nearly zero value for now. Once the season starts, and you see who is not working out on your bench, just drop that player for Kelly.

Also, I think that @leechang55 is saying to TRADE for someone like Lynch, not to just grab him. And it does not have to be Lynch. You could roll the dice on Crowell or someone as well. Then since you moved the 2 players for one, use your empty spot to add Kelly. Perhaps you understood the advice, but I was not sure from your response and wanted to clarify as it is a good idea. Better that just dropping guys who definitely have value.

Good luck!

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Thanks @octoberland for your imput. And yeah, I have to agree. As I mentioned, no matter how long you been playing this crazy game, I reckon there are times when we forget that over-thinking, over-speculating and over-doubting ourselves, and end up trying to “put the cart before the horse” never helps and only tends to make you NUTS!!! LOL.
AND…it’s just been one of those long, exhausting weeks, which also doesn’t help in any decision making processes.

And @leechang55, my apologies, and more thanks to @octoberland for pointing out my over-sight. I reckon that’s just more reason not to try to post anything and attempt to make any sense in it when you’re too tired to even think straight, much less sound like you know what you’re talking about. LOL

So…as I mentioned in my previous post, I think I’ll just sit tight for now. After all…as they say: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!!!"

Thanks a mil, as usual y’all, for your thoughts and feedback!! :smiley:

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you are welcome. this community is here to help, and I am happy we have if only to help you find your own clarity :slight_smile:

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