Drop T. Lance for M. Jones


I have K. Murray as my primary QB and T.Lance as my alt. However with M.Jones becoming#1 should I pick him up?

I would look to trade Trey Lance on his hype and then decide if you even need to roster 2 QBs.

If you already have Kyler Murray, you’re ideally looking to not ever have to replace him with Trey Lance. If you can’t get a good value trade for Trey Lance now and you have the luxury of feeling comfortable keeping him instead of RB/WR depth, then hold onto him until he becomes the starter and trade then.

Bottom Line, I see no value adding Mac Jones right now. He has to face some tough defenses this year, especially to start the season (Dolphins, Saints, Bucs).

I can’t imagine that anyone would pay much for a backup QB who played one year of college football–two years ago–and averaged 178 yards per game against FCS competition, but then you never know when one of your leaguemates might have cerebral palsy and hit the “ACCEPT” button by mistake.

I’d probly just drop Lance and add someone of value to your team.