Drop Taylor in bad weather

Dalton is available on waivers.

Wait and see what happens. I’ve seen rumors of them moving the Browns/Steelers game to Monday. If they play tomorrow, I’d go with Dalton. If they move to Monday, you can with Tyrod.

Didn’t see that. Thanks for the reply.

oh wow, moving the game? Think that would happen?

I’d play Dalton this week.

Dalton is a good play this week. You could probably drop him for Tyrod and then come back and pick Taylor up after the game if you wanted.

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It’s in the realm of possibility. Especially if there is lightning. NFL spokesman said yesterday that they’re monitoring it closely. The forecast right now has torrential rain and 40 mph gusts. If I was a player, I’d want it rescheduled due to injury risk. Couldn’t help but share this too…image