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Drop Ted Ginn for Snead


Hi everyone,

I have Ted Ginn Jr and Willie Snead is currently available in my league,
He was drafted but dropped after the 3 weeks suspension news and I think
every players in my league forgot about him. I don’t need Ted Ginn
this week, so I was thinking to pick up Willie Snead this week. What do you think ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I wouldn’t do it. There’s too many mouths to feed in NO already. I’d be more inclined to drop Ginn for a waiver pickup, or package him up as a deal.


Get Snead, drop Ginn. Ginn hasn’t done anything with his opportunity. Snead is the missing part in their offense weapon wise. Ginn will be a boom or bust his whole career.


I’d prefer Snead.


Thanks. I picked up Snead for free after the waivers went through (I’m playing from Paris, the ww goes at 9am).