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Drop Tevin Coleman for Kerwynn Williams?


I have Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, LeGarette Blount, Tevin Coleman and Terrance West, so I certainly don’t have a shortage of RBs.

Obviously we’re awaiting further information on David Johnson’s injury, but provided he’s out for longer than a couple weeks would it be wise to drop Coleman for Williams?


Coleman is too good to get dropped but I have no idea if you even need to make that move. I would drop Blount.


Drop Blount as @12to13inIndy said


I want NO part of whatever is going to happen in ARI backfield


Honestly man, Cohen is probably the better bet to pick up. He’s behind Howard, I get that… but his upside is much better. And they use him A LOT


I have Jordan Howard on my roster so I could potentially double up on
points if I picked up Tarik, but the thought of doubling up on the Bears
absolutely terrifies me


I get that, but what if Howard goes down, or gets beat out? Not saying it’ll happen but trust me youd be devastated if you passed up on Cohen for Williams. You have solid RB at the moment. TBH you’re not going to start Williams over Howard/Hunt/West, so why not just double up and be set up for a lot of points


I have Howard, Hunt, Jones, Jeffery, Martavis Bryant, Blount, T Coleman, T West, Maclin, and D Parker. Should I drop anyone for Cohen?


If you’re going to drop anyone, Blount


I’d drop blount


Keep Cohan, Trade Coleman, Cut Blount