Drop the Ravens?

Looking at their schedule down the line, the ravens do not have an easy ROS for their defense… should i play the waiver wire each week and drop them instead of rostering 2 Defenses?

I have the Ravens too. I had been hoping to keep them and stream when it seemed necessary. The Colts are a great pick up this week, but check out their schedule ROS: http://www.fftoday.com/stats/fantasystats.php?o=3&PosID=99&Data=Last5&Show1=7&Show2=17&LeagueID=17

I plan to pick them up this week and if they show signs of promise I may ride them rather than keep 2 D/STs.

Nice, i picked up the colts a few days ago, looks like they have a good chance to do well ROS… so if they dont do super well, would u still drop the ravens?

I dropped them. Not an easy schedule moving forward. I picked up Chargers for the next few weeks

I dropped them for the Colts this week. The Ravens have some difficult matchups moving forward. Their two biggest matchups this year were against the Bills and the Titans which is expected with how those two have been playing. I usually don’t waste two roster spots on defenses though. That other roster spot could be better suited to pickup another RB or WR to increase depth. Defenses are better streamed IMO.

Okay, never really had to stream week to week with Defenses but if i can then i will, ive had to roster 2 defenses several times already this year and its quite inconvenient…

Dropped them for Denver this week. Best thing ever !!!