Drop tj yeldon

Would you dropp tj yeldon to add chris thompson he just got sent to waivers?

Gotta be someone else you can drop to add CT right? Yeldon is valuable

jalen richard woul prob be other one so ya prob him but bench is

alex collins
matt bredia
matt ryan
JAlen richard

starters are all above

Is CT healthy at all? Feel like he hasn’t played in forever. I would prob drop Breida frankly. Or nobody. Whoever has the hardest schedule determines this for me but i prefer Yeldon to CT

yeldon has bye next week thompson is over bye. idk my team is 6-1 so willing to take gambles i just dont see myself having to play yeldon unless fournette is IR. IF thompson gets healthy could be massive benefit.

I agree abt Fournette thought, which is entirely why I say to keep Yeldon haha Bc I think he will not see much of the field again this season, or maybe not until way later. But yes CT can be huge for PPR. Bibbs has stepped up well though. Dropping Yeldon won’t make you lose or anything though ha so go with your gut

welll maybe just dump the mold that is raiders offense for potential of thompson coming back his upside if he comes back seems higher than anything from oakland who is deffinetly not tanking

I don’t know if I would do it, but IMO Yeldon is droppable. I’ve dropped him on teams where I have him and don’t plan to play him this week

I agree. I dropoed Yeldon and own Fournette. Carlos Hyde changed everything for Yeldon.

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He did for sure. But if Fournette isn’t coming back, Yeldon is still Rb2 convo worthy to me ROS

ya i dont think hyde will be super big impact but if they belived in yeldon why would they trade for hyde

I traded Yeldon away for Duke. I felt good about it. They are having problems offensively.

I don’t Think Yeldon is like an all star just saying he is on a team that has been forced to start him for most of the season now at least. Which may continue

@falcones404 ya for sure why i am reluctant he has value so dont want to trash him

Bc he’s all they have left at RB with Leonard out. And better than Jamaal Charles by a long shot. I think they will be running a ton ROS

so would you drop jalen for thompson

I’d drop Breida myself. or nobody

i have david johsnon kerryon and christian mcaffery so and decent player like what i think tj is gonna be is kind of useless. i need someone who can be a stud which i think Chris thompson has potential for later in season.

I’d keep Yeldon. He can run inside better and is a better pass catcher. CT is dangerous but worthless as a runner. Hyde won’t take that much from Yeldon because Yeldon was not getting much on the ground. Neither will Hyde.

I wouldn’t do it man. Is he the least valuable player on your team?