Drop two players for K and D/ST

12 team league, standard scoring w bonuses, 1 player keeper that has to be drafted 5th round or later and rostered all year, give up last round pick to keep someone, can keep for as many years as you want. Starred* players for potential keepers for next year.

Who do i drop for kicker and defense, need to drop two players.

QB: Josh Allen*

RB: Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, Mark Ingram, David Montgomery*, Zack Moss*, Antonio Gibson (picked up after draft, can’t be kept next year)

WR: AJ Brown, Robert Woods*, Michael Gallup*, Diontae Johnson*, Jerry Jeudy*

TE: Kelce* (keeper for last few years)

D/ST: ?

K: ?

With shorter bench (4 player bench) I think it would be easier to find a WR 3 or 4 off of the waiver wire then it would to find a good RB so I am wondering if dropping two WR is the way to go? Could drop Johnson and Jeudy, although I am high on Jeudy and if he looks great could be a good keeper for multiple years. Gallup probably the best for this year out of the three (Gallup, Johnson, Jeudy), so gives me the best chance to win this year though. Or should I drop one of my RB? Thanks.