Drop TY hilton for d Parker?

Standard scoring with Parker on the waivers … grab him for ROS? Thanks

Pick up Parker for sure, depends on your record. I’d hold onto ty for one more week. If he scores over 10 points against Pittsburg defense it’s safe to say him and Jacobi have a growing chemistry.

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have a better drop candidate, but I’d definitely pick up Parker.

Definitely, but if you can drop someone else got Parker i would and then try to trade Hilton even if a little lower priced

It’s an auction draft league… other players are AJ green Travis Kelce and sterling sheperd… WR/TE slot must play 3 of 4 total roster spots … wouldn’t had to of worried about any of this if OBJ wouldn’t have blew his leg out lol :neutral_face:

Okay so Adam thielen got dropped … him or devante Parker ROS?!? Please help, leaning thielen now

What is going on in this league…? I’d say Thielen, but it’s close. But man.

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