Drop Vance to Pick up Herndon?

I have Waller as my primary TE, however I was thinking of grabbing Herndon before he comes back from suspension and possibly using as trade capital. Is it time to move on from Vance?

I just did this right now

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Same. Hope it pays off. Still a bit worried about Vance going off with a full healthy game with Rudolph at QB (like he did the first time).

If I were you I’d just stick with waller. high targets/snap count putting up TE 1 numbers. Could even trade him if you wanted after a high game, stick with herndon and re pick up vance. Thats a gamble though because we haven’t seen either one put up the same consistent numbers like waller.

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What if you didn’t have a good TE (Ebron) and was also holding Vance?
Would you still drop Vance right now for Herndon or risk hoping he will be there after waivers clear and drop Ebron?

for OP: I would definitely drop Vance for anyone with upside if you already have Waller.