Drop Watkins for Stills?

It’s a 10 team standard. Is it worth dropping Watkins for Stills? I just lost Baldwin, so I might need to put one of them in the lineup in the near future.

What’s your roster?

Other WRs are Adams, Marvin Jones, and Amari. Adams is excellent but Marvin and Amari are looking risky right now.

nope. not yet. watkins can still emerge on this offense. if it hadnt been the tyreek the freak show, watkins would have been more invovled. same for kelce and hunt. add in some big turn overs giving the chiefs short yardage situations and less time with the ball, it just added up to high powered offense that only needed 1 guy to get it done.

I wouldn’t drop Watkins for Stills. You probably have weaker players in your roster.

My RBs are DJ, Gordon, Jamaal, Dion Lewis, Burkhead, Sony and Peyton Barber. I’m already thinking of dropping Barber for AP as well.

Who would you drop Allison, Breida or Watkins?

I don’t have Allison or Breida?

Haha I do. Wanted to see what you thought

I’d probably drop Allison given those options.

So it seems like I should hang onto Watkins for now given my roster.