Drop Watson for

So my league had to do a super early redraft because of scheduling conflicts. It’s a 10-team, standard league and below is my team (I drafted from 9th). Draft kind of fell into an early WR opportunity in my opinion. Even in a standard Kupp/Jefferson seemed like too good of an opportunity to give up with the 1.09 and 2.02.

QB: Wilson/Watson
WR: Kupp, Jefferson, Evans, D.Smith
RB: Conner, J.Williams, Dillon, Sanders, Penny
TE: Kmet
K: Tucker
Def: Browns

My question…So initially I took Woods, but then swapped him for Watson to see how the courts finished out. Now that it looks like eight games, I’m ready to move on, but I’m debating who to go. I can go back to Woods, but I’m now thinking Meyers or Parker and seeing if one emerges as Jones’ favorite. Thoughts, preferences?

Keep Watson, it was only a 6 game suspension.

Russ has a week 9 bye.

I’d keep both Wilson and Watson until you can flip one. Don’t drop Watson unless the NFL is able to successfully appeal and have him suspended the year.