Drop white for Breida?

Snagged white but given McKinnon’s situation should I drop and go for breida or just stay out. Only WR I can drop is Benjamin but it’s a 12 man so it’s hard to do that given scarcity and kbs upside

No one really knows what Breada is gonna be. Doubt he slips right in and replaces McKinnon Morris definitely has a role possible goal line back that’s who im banking on but could be wrong white has established role and could be more with lack of talent/options at wideout in new england

I would not

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I ended up dropping kb. I didn’t feel great at first but now I saw the qb situation in buffalo and kb is gonna be a mess for half the year

Personally, I’d have left him on the waiver wire, but you so you.

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It’s a 12 man and I ended the draft somehow with 3rbs (was doing 2 drafts at the same time) so taking the gamble on those 2 was the only shot at getting an rb