Drop Woodhead for Ekler?

The Fantasy Footballers have said pickup Ekler basically on the latest podcast. As much hype as Woodhead is getting, Collins, Allen and matchups up ahead besides one where they will most likely be dominating and leading. I am in a full PPR and I have Kamara, Gordon, Perine, and Mixon. I would really like to do the smart thing and as much as I don’t want Woodhead on someone else’s team I just want to see if everyone else agrees with this move before I do it lol

I like that move since you already have Gordon. Ekeler is one of the few good handcuff situations that I can think of. I’m considering picking him up for depth because the Gordon owner is probably in the playoffs and if Gordon goes down he’d be very valuable. I love Woodhead, but I don’t trust his usage. His age is against him and I just don’t know if he will be someone you can count on every week.

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Yes do it. With what i saw when they are up they wont use woodhead. I believe they will be up in the playoff matchups. Let someone else pick up thst grenade and get yourself a HANDCUFF

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Thank you for the insight! Will be going down that path

Thank you for confirming my thought process lol