Drop Zack Ertz?

In a 12 man team with 8 benches and 2 IRs and I’ve been running ertz this year with Gesicki as a back up. When Ertz got hurt I picked up Geodert and stashed him on my IR thinking he was coming back sooner then it now looks. Gesicki is on bye this week so i’m running Eric Ebron. Do we feel like Ertz is safe to drop? I don’t know how I feel about Gesicki the rest of the year and geodert isnt looking to be as great of an option if he doesn’t come back till week 10.

I would absolutely drop Ertz who has been awful. Especially given that Goedert and Chubb are already in your IR spots. Goedert will hopefully be back next week and will likely be a great option for you moving forward. Can you drop Gesicki and pick up another option off the waiver wire? Is Darren Fells still there? It looks very unlikely that Jordan Akin’s will play this week again and I would much rather play Fells over Ebron.

How is Amari Cooper on your bench?!?!?